Brian Regan

Through a mix of sharp, edgy comedic style, Brian Regan exhibits an overwhelming enthusiasm as a performer and is one of the most sought-after comedians on television today. In high demand, Regan sells out comedy clubs and has become a regular on late night television. He demonstrates originality and creativeness in his comedy, which as a result, places him in high demand and keeps audiences coming back for more.

Though Regan readily admits that as a kid he was a big fan of Johnny Carson and a student of the comedy on "The Tonight Show," his fascination with the art of comedy really heightened when Steve Martin came on the comedic scene. It was Martin's silly but smart, comedic genius that inspired Regan.

At Heidelberg College in Ohio, Regan's dream of becoming a comedian became reality. While playing football and majoring in accounting, his football coach suggested he look into theatre as a creative outlet. By his second year, he was already on stage and his career as a performer was just beginning.

An acting coach, recognizing Regan's comedic timing, suggested doing stand-up to broaden his skills. It had been in the back of Regan's mind for some time, but the words of encouragement gave him the courage to believe he could really make it work. He began working at the Comic Strip in native South Florida in 1981, first taking a job seating people and doing a little short-order cooking, patiently waiting for opportunities for stage time.

Quickly finding success behind the microphone, Regan still chose to log two and a half years at the club before branching out. He quickly became the Comic Strip's house MC, though it took him months before he "had the guts to call myself a comedian." The period that followed, from 1984-87, was one of Regan's most thrilling times, as he branched out to the road. "At first I was only as good as the crowd," reflects Regan humbly, "but I wanted to learn to be better than the crowd."

Brian is the fourth of eight children and he credits "a funny family" as being the basis for his now universal comedy. Building his act with a mixture of insightfulness and silly exaggeration, Regan made a name for himself touching on memories of childhood and family life that ring true for everyone. When he felt he was ready, Regan made the decision to make his break and moved to New York City in 1986.

By 1988, Regan had earned his stripes as a full-fledged headliner. He had learned how to "push himself," fully understanding what it took to be a strong closer and knowing how to win over audiences. He developed his persona, found ways to take the generic, mix it with silly, edgy viewpoints, and came out with an act that is a grand tour of the basics of human behavior. His efforts culminated with his winning $10,000 in "The Miller Lite Funniest Person in New York" contest that same year.

Whereas blue comedy and outrageousness will get you noticed in a hurry, Regan has chosen the road less traveled by keeping his comedy clean. His choice to keep the act "television friendly" has now opened a door that makes him a man in demand on network television.

Regan's career has exploded in the '90's. He has done several specials for Showtime including his own, "Something's Wrong With the Regan Boy" and "A Pair of Jokers," on which he teamed up with brother Dennis, also a comedian. Other highlights in an endless stream of television appearances include his first spot on "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson," on which Regan sat panel (unheard of for first time comedians on the show), a regular stint on Comedy Central as a host of "Short Attention Span Theatre," regular appearances on "Late Show with David Letterman" and "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." He is also the featured comedian in Coca Cola's Concession Stand Comedy shown in cinemas around the country. Regan recently performed at the 1999 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

The comedy road ahead for Regan is one of endless opportunities. His ever changing act has made him a sold-out attraction throughout the country, keeping fans coming back to see what's new in Regan's comedy world. His main goal in life sums up what makes the guy tick. "I want to be a better person away from comedy," says Regan warmly, "I'm happy with my career, my friends, and especially my wife and son, but you can always be a better human being." With an act that rejoices in the life experience, the material will come. With a mind like Brian Regan's, he'll be ready to see it for what it is and translate it into comedy!

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