Jenni McNulty

Make a crowd laugh? That's easy. Try staying with a 6- foot receiver on a post pattern or stopping a 200 lb fullback who's gotten past the linebackers. That's tough.

Jennie McNulty has been making audience's sides hurt from laughter for years. She headlines comedy clubs throughout the U.S.in addition to performing on Cruise ships and USO tours. Her hilarious material and hard-hitting wit grab the audience right from the start and don't let go. But, her foray into women's professional football has her own sides hurting now, "Sometimes it's in facing the big obstacles in life that you find out the most about yourself... I found out I bounce far."

Now it's Jennie's latest presentation that's making the big hit. "Walk Funny," is encouraging people all over the country to "Make that active choice." Part comedy show, part motivational seminar, "Walk Funny" shows you how to put more activity in your life and enjoy it. "To some people, 'exercise' is a 4-letter word - they're really bad spellers - But, honestly, exercise can be fun!"

Jennie has been seen on NBC’s “Starting Over” on "A&E" Television and in several short films and has been a regular feature on KDUS's sports talk radio" in Phoenix. She performs regularly at Harrah's Improv in Las Vegas; and plays in all the major comedy clubs in L.A. She has a Master's Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Jennie currently lives in Los Angeles.


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