Game in a Box

2009 Price List

(All prices include shipping)




100 animals, stuffing, hearts, adoption certificates                        $1099

(Special NACA Onsite Offer-$999)


Wild Mardi Gras Party                                                            $599

(this package is for 100 people)


Photo Send-sations

200 photos with artwork                                                            $999


Candy Art

300 straws w/5 flavors                                                            $299


Spin Art Frisbees

Spin art machine, paint and 240 frisbees                                    $599


Inflatable Twister

Twister, blower, spinner                                                             $399


Big Red Chair                                                                                   

Big Red Chair with props                                                            $499


Inflatable Cash Cube                                                            $399

Cash cube, blowers, play money


Dart Game                                                                                    $299

Dart Game with 10 velcro “darts”


Artist News

Frank Roche in a Movie

Frank Roche, comedy impressionist is currently filming a movie that he wrote and is also starring...