Triple 40

The amazing group Triple40 is quickly gaining a reputation all over the southeast as a cutting edge band that blends elements of hiphop, rap, soul, jazz, funk, and rock into a truly unique, counting edge that is captivating audiences everywhere. The quartet was formed in Fairhope, Alabama while they were completing their senior year of high school. Triple40 features Brandon White's soulful, funky vocals along with his dynamic guitar riffs. Bassist Nic Carrol throws down thumping, in your face, unforgettable bass lines. Matt Bishop splits time between percussionist duties and keyboards, and Kyle McCarter holds down the beat with his mesmerizing percussion skills.

One of the key things that sets TRIPLE40 apart from most other touring acts is their ability to take from so many different genres and make a style that is their own; also, their incredible three part harmonies. Because of their immense talents, they were signed to Eclectik Records, out of Nashville and released their debut cd, "From Where I Stand", in December 2004. As the band toured to support their debut cd, they realized they were more of a hiphop act than the rock band they professed to be on their debut cd. The band has since relocated to Nashville, where some of its members attend the prestigious Belmont University.

The band is working on new material and their new cd is slated for a late winter/early spring 2007 release. The cd will be a true reflection of the TRIPLE40 sound. A TRIPLE40 live show is definitely hard hitting and high energy, chock full of top40 singles from current days hiphop acts aong with the funk/soul of the 70's/80's, and the best of the modern rock genre. A night with TRIPLE40 is simply unforgettable and not to be missed!




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