Rockin' Dopsie Jr.

He is in the humble yet authoritative opinion of this writer, "The Crown Prince of Zydeco." Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. has been called one of the greatest living practitioners of the zydeco genre. He presents Zydeco with the raw energy, conviction and authenticity of his rich heritage. His father, the legendary zydeco accordion player, Rockin' Dopsie, Sr. gave his son his own accordion when young David Rubin was only nine years old. Like many great zydeco musicians, Dopsie, Jr. taught himself to play by listening to his musical heroes on the radio and playing along with the tunes.

According to Dopsie, Jr., "I really loved that sound but I needed more mobility so I could jump up and down and do my splits, you know." At age 21, he acquired his first rubboard and it would immediately carry him into the fold of his father's band, The Zydeco Twisters. In 1982 he became a contributing member in his father's band and brought with him his own unique style of funky zydeco complete with his own outrageous dance moves. He quickly drew comparisons to the styles of James Brown and Sly Stone.

In 1993, Rockin' Dopsie, Sr. passed away leaving his namesake to take over the leadership of The Zydeco Twisters. Along with his brothers Alton and Anthony, the band is one of the most exciting acts to perform live or on recordings throughout the worldwide Zydeco Road.

A mainstay on the local Louisiana clubs scene, Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. is known for energizing zydeco with a healthy dose of funky rhythm in addition to his flashy showmanship. He's also known for his trademark sunglasses and cowboy hat. An extremely popular attraction, he is more popular in New Orleans than in his hometown of Lafayette; on almost any weekend you can find him holding court at Tipatina's or down at the Rock 'N' Bowl.

In recognition of his impressive body of recorded work including his latest release, "Zydeco Man" on Mardi Gras Records; In admiration of his outrageous live shows including his bust-a-move splits; And, because the man is royally reinventing the excitement in Zydeco, we are proud to select Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. as our "Artist of the Month" for November 2000.

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