Adam Ferrara

In his young career, Adam Ferrara has quickly moved up from headlining in the comedy club circuit to center stage as an accomplished comedic actor starring in a network television sitcom.

Throughout his explosive stand-up act, Adam blends brilliant characterizations and hilariously accurate observations with a grace and instinct that are most rare. Ferrara hits the stage like a loose power line and electrifies the room; he is an undeniable talent. Meticulously crafting his material, Ferrara's ease of spontaneity makes his comedy seem effortless. Simultaneously smart and freewheeling, Ferrara has uncanny instincts and possesses a confidence that allows him to improvise on a theme, in the same way a jazz musician embellishes on a score.

"The minute you start thinking on stage, you're dead," says Ferrara, "because it loses something. That's the way it works for me. You gotta just let it take you" Ferrara has been called "an uncommon jewel."

Ferrara has made numerous television appearances. He is a recurring guest star on NBC's comedy "Caroline in the City." Adam was chosen to perform at Just For Laughs, The Montreal Comedy Festival, and his standout performance received the evening's sole ovation, and was the highlight of the festival's television special for Fox. Needless to say, it came as no surprise when Ferrara was nominated as the Best Stand-up Comedian of the Year at the American Comedy Awards.

Adam recently performed in Montreal at the 1998 Just For Laughs Festival. He has also starred in his own half-hour comedy special, "Lounge Lizards," for Comedy Central and has recently recorded his debut comedy CD "HAVE SOME," live from Pasadena's famed Ice House. Described as a "45 minute joy ride," "Have Some" takes you on a hilarious journey through everyday life with Adam unleashing his wild imagination and brilliant observations on subjects like: Girlfriends, Marriage, Fantasies, Grandparents, Menopause, and Pregnant Men!

Born in Queens and raised in Long Island, Ferrara currently resides in Los Angeles for career purposes; but the guy generally regarded as "The Kid," is a New Yorker to the core.

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