Greg Giraldo

Greg Giraldo is a comedian and actor whose talents and motivations have taken him on a circuitous and exciting journey How did this Harvard educated lawyer come to be a creative force behind his own ABC sitcom and one of the most sought after comics in Hollywood.

Giraldo was bon: and raised in Queens. New York, the oldest son of immigrant parents from Columbia and Spain. He went on to major in English at Columbia University. Having spent most of his time in college sleeping and playing guitar. He was undecided on a career choice. For lack of a better idea, Giraldo decided to take the LSAT law entrance exam. Though he was not convinced that he was born to be a lawyer, his almost perfect score of 47 out of 48 (99.7 percentile) allayed personal concerns that he was brain damaged and compelled him to apply to law school.

Giraldo's good grades, due to" taking the easiest classes I could find- I was very, very academically and intellectually motivated,' his high LSAT score and Compelling "very bogus" application essay, paved his way into Harvard Law School.

After graduating, Giraldo was recruited by a top Manhattan corporate law firm. Finding the real life practice of law" way less cool than Perry Mason" and finally succumbing to parental pressure to give up his little law fantasy for something more lucrative and stable, he tried his hand an Open MCI night in March of 1992. The very next day he quit his job at the firm and became a professional stand-up comic `Which included in its description part time jobs, the club circuit and numerous television appearances including "Carolinas Comedy Hour" and "Star Search"

It all began pay off at the well respected Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. Giraldo's performance instantly ignited deluge of interest from industry executives. After meeting with every major network. Giraldo signed a development deal `with ABC. After partnering, with Witt Thomas, he and writer Rob LaZebnik fine tuned their concept for "Common Law". The show aired on Saturday night after Coach. Unfortunately, the political climate of the network and the poor time slot took it's toll on the show, however Giraldo received rave reviews for his comedic abilities and portrayal of the shows lead character John Alvarez.

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