Bill Maher

Critics have touted stand-up comic turned talk show host/mediator Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect as: "The coolest show on cable" (Esquire Magazine) and the "Best talk show on television" (TV Guide). The winner of two 1995 Cable Ace awards for best talk show and best entertainment host, Bill Maher ingeniously mediates a hilarious and provacative half hour of spontaneous bpinionizing. The casting/booking process brings together such unlikely parings as Jerry Seinfeld and Ed Rollins, Governor Lowell Weicher and Howie Mandel, and Harvey Fierstein and G. Gordon Liddy.

Born in New York and raised in River Vale, New Jersey, Bill Maher began his comedy career after graduating from Cornell University as an English major. Bill Maher honed his skills in New York club scene during the early 80's and his novelization of that life - True Story, (Random House) - is perhaps the funniest and, most revealing depiction of the comics life to date. After dozens of Carsons, Lettermans, three HBO specials, sitcoms, movies and many comics' tours of the United States, Bill Maher found - or more accurately, created - his perfect forum with Politically Incorrect.

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